What is Selfbuilding?

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Creative Writing for Selfbuilding

Selfbuilding is a self-coaching method that I have developed since 1998 and over all those years fine-tuned. The unique thing about Selfbuilding is that it is the fruit of a psychotherapy and the work I did with Inner Child Recovery, Healing and Artwork. It was during that time, back in the 1990s, that I discovered the power of creative writing.

Writing is healing! This is an old wisdom but has been largely forgotten in our busy times of telecommunication and visual focus. Writing connects our brain hemispheres in a unique manner, thereby fostering high creativity, healing, and the breakup of old and depleted behavior patterns.

Creative writing as Selfbuilding offers it is a support system that you engage in all by your own while your coach, in that case, me, just ‘logs’ your output and evaluates your progress.

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