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Great people are not great because they are better understood than others; in the contrary they are great because they keep up with being constantly misunderstood, and make a grace out of it.
—Peter Fritz Walter

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by Peter Fritz Walter

The stomach loves simple food.
The soul loves simple honesty.
The body loves simple exercise.

All things come to one whose mind is whole.
All people come to one who is humble.
All trials vanish in the face of one who seeks peace.

When rice is cooked neither too hard nor to soft, it is alive.
When soup is clear and tasting freshly, it is alive.
When water is drunk in the breeze of spring, it is alive.

Warmed up tea is lacking chi.

Balance of Yin and Yang

When body science reaches the mind,
this means achieving unity.

When mind science reaches the body,
this results in achieving harmony.

Therefore the sage sees both sides,
thus unifying research. 

When yin and yang are in proper balance,
there is a flowing together of insights that leads
to a rise of consciousness.

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