Author Your Life

Life Authoring
Creative Writing for Life Authoring

‘Author Your Life’ is a self-coaching technique that uses a combination of story writing, affirmative declarations and voice dialogue for healing the scars of trauma and abuse, raising emotional self-awareness, building vision and boosting creativity and spontaneity through inner child recovery, healing and art work.

Authoring your life does not make you to become a fiction author. No writing skill is needed, and writing style is not to be epic but flow-style, practicing a deliberate let-go attitude. Our consciousness is self-healing, self-cleaning and self-renewing; when authoring your life, you effect a total transformation of the personality into something more coherent and more in alignment with your soul values. The outcome of such an integrative work will produce positive results on all planes, the professional, the financial, the intimate and the spiritual planes all at once.

Download the Book (PDF)

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