Why Abandon Sex Laws?

Why Abandon Sex Laws?

by Peter Fritz Walter

Modernizing laws of consent, legislators should consider if we need sex laws at all. Responsible law-making must understand that nobody is inclined to follow legal rules that are outmoded, arbitrary and persecutory. 

The present situation does not prevent crime. 

Sex laws are no more part of a moral behavior code that once made sense, at least for a majority, and that was backed up by the law. Laws that are not rooted in a basic code of conduct are felt as oppressive; they produce black markets and thus crime and as such they are simply counterproductive. 

The setup of today’s child protection laws is strangely schizophrenic; these laws pretendedly set out to protect the child against violence, yet they allow and even encourage educational violence within the protective shell of modern education. 

Aggression against children in institutionalized education is part of a pattern of structural violence that sustains and encourages from early age the hypocrite opportunists who adapt to the system cost it what it will, and invalidates and mutilates those who are strong and powerful because they are self-thinkers, creative and sexually active. 

While violence is taken for granted, the important tactile stimulation of the child is, if not resisted, anyway badly neglected. After all, denying children tactile pleasure is a logical add-on in the oppression scheme that manipulates children’s emotions so as to comply with the demands of consumer culture. 

The sexless child is the ideal consumer robot in a culture of pseudo-values. 

This is so because the sexually experienced child would not be satisfied with a fake life, but would prefer real life. Industry needs not real integrated citizens but those who are alienated from their body and their true identity. 

In a system that equates sex with violence, it is not surprising that violent child battery, on one hand, and a tender caress of the child’s genitalia, on the other, would be punished in pretty much the same way. The perversity of this situation stems from the premise. It is a form of perversion from nature to regard sexuality as a form of assault whatever be the age of the partners involved in the game. 

Every child intuitively knows that the only reasonable code that forbids sex is the incest prohibition, sex within the family. This code can easily be complied with if both parents and children are free in their own sexual life and respect each other’s privacy. 

While in tribal cultures this is a reality since times immemorial, modern civilization messes it all up in a chaotic emotional entanglement that is put in the harmless formula of codependence but that in reality is an explosive mix of demonic energies that produce ill health, depression, rampant crime, domestic violence and structural violence in the form if war, civil war, and genocide.

It’s really of little importance if, or not, a small child can experience orgasm in the same way as an adult, or in a different way. Sexologists argue if or not ejaculation was crucial to the orgiastic climax, and one must ask where the social relevance is of such research? It has not even randomly helped modern society to raise its deficient understanding of children. 

Society’s demand for the emotionally numb child seems to be a must in our current consumer culture, and to change this sad state of affairs, we have to begin not with children or with education, but with redefining our consumer values! I believe that a spiritually conscious society can be technologically advanced without being reductionist, and it can be wealthy without sacrificing human values to the god of Mammon. Not an affluent society is bad, and certainly not affluence as such, but a society that misunderstands affluence and confuses it with materialistic one-sidedness and greed. 

The mechanism of child repression, as I call it, while it seems to be an automatism in postmodern consumer culture, is most likely a relict of early industrialization and of what Terence McKenna used to call joyful capitalism. 

In the present trend of integrating the highly complex lesson we get from quantum physics, and as a result of the global transformation of all our cherished mechanistic assumptions about life and about science, we will give, and will have to give more thought on the question of creating a tolerant, nurturant and permissive environment for our children so that they can keep their natural integrity and build on that foundation for really developing their emotionality into high, and highly complex, emotional intelligence. 

We are still in the starting holes of this new development into a superconscious society that is our challenge for the 21st century, and for the time after the end of the Mayan Calendar (2012), and it will be crucial for our move into a new era of peace and enlightenment to create that freedom of choice for our children. 

Morality, here, and in all areas of life, serves a pretext function: it’s the economic base layer that establishes our value system, not its moralistic roof structure, a fact that Karl Marx has brilliantly elucidated in his books.

It is much less the child’s age, but their exposure to true life experiences that forms their ability for consenting to sexual play with peers or adults. 

Consequently, a totally protected child cannot give informed consent to sex and later will live sex in a rather passive way—in extreme cases as a rape victim—for this was the only way sexual experience could be coded in the guilt-ridden psyche of the overprotected child. As a result, overprotecting children produces more rape and less consenting sex, more sexual misery and less responsible and enjoyable sexuality. 

From a legislator’s perspective, the overprotection of children, as it is part of Oedipal Culture, is to be acted counter through comprehensive law reform such as liberalizing the child’s private life and abolishing age of consent laws. 

The inherent dangers in sex are not different from the inherent dangers in living. Those who fear sexploitation of children probably experience their own sexuality in an anxiety-ridden way or as a burden to be suffered. 

Oh God, why did you make me a slave of my desire? 

Such attitudes, upheld and justified by most religions, are the result of ignorance; they fail to integrate what is natural, and by so doing disintegrate and fragment our wholeness. 

In reality, we carry a part of the responsibility for the continuation of child abductions and murder as long as we consent to the perpetuation of dysfunctional and oppressive laws that castrate children emotionally from birth and transform them into sexless puppets. 

An obedient puppet invites abuse while a lively human is in control of all their relations, including sexual ones. It is our duty, then, as parents or educators to help children assume their sexual desire and handle sexual encounters of all kinds, instead of avoiding encounters by sitting at home. 

This is done through a subtle and wistful combination of non-action and careful and conscious dialogue with the child. 

Natural self-regulation does the rest for preparing the child to grow early into sexual exchange as part of emotional bonding so as to satisfy the narcissistic ego. Nature has provided the right way if only we could be sensitive enough to accept this truth as a human and social reality! 

It is part of a true understanding of democracy to work for more autonomy for children and more respect of their privacy and their amitiés particulières. As adults, we have to practice non-interference in the child’s emotional and sexual life instead of perpetuating persecution and control. 

Strangely, while people agree that persecution and control are undemocratic measures, many nonetheless practice them with their own children, unaware that in doing so they help perpetuate archaic and highly destructive forms of control that impede humanity from progressing into a new age of peace and enlightenment.

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