What is Erotic Intelligence?

What is Erotic Intelligence?

by Peter Fritz Walter

This watchful passive attention, when focused inside and upon our emosexual longings, is erotic intelligence. 

The term is not new, it’s not my own creation, but I like to take it over as I find it very well put together. It reflects the deep truth that our body, and our emotions, have their own intrinsic intelligence—that may differ from the voice of our mind. 

I may rationally be against any sex between an adult and a child, I may even think, as conservative people tend to believe, that children may become ‘morally corrupted’ through the experience of sex; all this is of no avail if one day I face a really hot little girl or boy, a child that is emosexually vibrant. And I may feel spontaneously aroused.

The majority, while often secretly living these desires in tranquil incest with their own children, reacts with public repression and in many cases also with aggression when being reminded of the existence of pedoemotive desires. 

They know why they have to hide what they are hiding; they know why they have to silence what they are silencing! That is why I am talking about a pedophile society. I know why I say what I say.

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