What is Create-Activity?

What is Create-Activity?

by Peter Fritz Walter

The word creativity can be translated as create-activity, the activity to create. 

This more functional way of looking at it may give a hint to how irrational and dysfunctional our arrogant disregard for creativity is. 

Creativity is the activity to create. Well, if we don’t create, nothing will be created. It’s as simple as that. 

When there is no inner evolution because of lacking creativity, there is outer evolution in the form of unwanted novelty translated into ‘facts of life,’ like we are out of business, we lose our job, we get sick, we have an accident. Something happens that was not planned. As a result, we are out of control and complain. ‘How could this happen?’  

The answer is always that we lacked to engage in the necessary action, creative action, action that was more than just complacent or imitative or repetitive, but focused on finding new solutions to our old problems. Anticipative action. That’s all what create-activity is about.

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