The Rat Causes

The Rat Causes

by Peter Fritz Walter

The wisest people are those who understand themselves, not those who pretend to understand others or the big causes of human struggle. 

Those latter ones, while they may have big names and perhaps fought for big causes, have a narrow mind and they work in secret only for their own filthy business. 

They are the politicians and strategists, the doers and managers. They change reality for the rat cause and the destruction of true humanity. 

They are the clones of a future Mega-Frankenstein that they anticipate with their hybrid arrogance and their eloquent and ‘clean’ opinions. 

They will clean, for sure. And, as a result, another few millions of humans will die for another rat cause—that will be propagated as the long-awaited ‘New Order’ of the day.

The wisest are usually those that are totally rejected in any given society or group. For all those who are ‘normal,’ the common rats, I have no feeling soever, and they surely have no feeling for me. 

So much the better for both of us. Let them walk in peace—in their eternally dirty and filthy self-sufficiency!

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