The Magic of Love

The Magic of Love

by Peter Fritz Walter

Love, and especially when the loving bond is also finding its physical counterpart, is without a doubt the most immediate possibility for any human, and regardless of age, to gain self-knowledge, autonomy and self-determination. 

To deny the child to love including physical love is a form of torture and it should be prohibited by law by subsuming such parental attitudes under the  United Nations Convention Against Torture. 

That today’s international culture perversely practices the exact contrary, does not invalidate my statement but shows to what point that culture is structurally abusive.

The magic about love is that in each love relation we not only learn to love the object of our love but at the same time a part of ourselves, a part of our own individuality. That mirror effect that magically is contained in the loving bond is tremendously important for our growth process, regardless of age or gender. 

Love is a heavenly force for big and small humans alike. Love lets us understand without words that we are all linked to each other by an invisible particle intelligence that at the same time connects us to the whole of life in the universe and assigns to each being its own appropriate point in the moving space-time continuum. 

Love cares for defining boundaries and identity in a naturally loving and non-coercive way, and not in the way of a hubristic policy-making government or a neurotic school master. 

Where there is love, desire is holy; where there is love, abuse is not entirely excluded but highly unlikely to happen.

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