The Ego Matter

The Ego Matter

by Peter Fritz Walter

There are people who haven’t got a fully functional ego and who therefore need to build their ego, build their self. 

I know that this sounds in apparent contradiction to spiritual teachings, especially those from India, but this appearance is based upon a misunderstanding. 

All spiritual teachings start from a premise to deal with people who got a strongly built ego, and even people who have got a hypertrophied ego, an ego that is predominant and that is in the way of feeling in toward the other, in the way of building true compassion. 

While this is not a problem for me and those like me, because we are abundantly compassionate, to a point to give up on ourselves at the slightest occasion and put forward the point of You First

And in this respect we are surely a minority because most people worldwide live from a base paradigm of Me First. This is why all those spiritual teachings that admonish to do away with ego, or with self, are written and elaborated for them, but not for us.

I have tried to apply the traditional teachings of getting away with your ego for the last thirty years, with the result that I got more miserable, more fearful, less self-assured, less successful, and less rewarded, or not rewarded at all, and that others walked even more often over my feet as they used to do this during my whole childhood and youth. 

But there was a turning point. 

It’s now, at age fifty-three, and it was right on my fifty-first birthday, that I began writing the first sketch of this book that has so long matured in my bosom to eventually see the day. And as it is in my life, and as it is not in your life, I passed this birthday, once again, and not surprisingly so, totally alone, with no birthday cards received, no email congratulations received, and so-called friends having, once again, forgotten about it. 

And this birthday was just one in a row of similar birthdays that are marked by the fact that I am working, spending my time for a mission that, you guessed it, is destined to help others and brings no reward, neither financial nor in any other way— besides insults, impersonations, false accusations and other rude treatments that are reserved for those who are considered out of this world. 

While I know that what I am doing has value, but is overlooked, as I am, so-to-say routinely overlooked by everybody else, by the media, and by society at large. Because I do my work without blowing it out to the world, and yelling it in the faces of others as the last fancy of genius. Because I’m not one of those important ones, but just negligible. That’s how it is and how I filled this birthday, as so many birthdays before, in my joyful solitude with life, with work, with thoughts that are destined to really bring about something good, something new and useful for the sake not of myself, but of others. 

So this is truly worth a celebration! 

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