Soul Marginality

Soul Marginality

by Peter Fritz Walter

Many people worry about the fact that their soul reality might be considered as marginal from the point of view of most of their contemporaries, or at least the ones they know. Of course, all is marginal that is not mainstream. Do you wish to be mainstream? 

Do you consider big boring default as the right software setup for you? If yes, please don’t worry. But don’t work with me then and don’t use my books. Because I’m not running on that spur and will mislead you from your comfortable main road. 

My soul work is destined for those who are at pains with society, whose soul values in many ways contradict the values of present mainstream consumer society, those who are as it were on the side road of creative marginality. This side road of today inevitably will become the main road of tomorrow. 

Let’s see how much power mainstream has over you. Three percent of the total world population spend seventy-five percent of all planetary energy resources. But in number they represent a tiny minority. And the majority of these tiny three percent represent what we call mainstream. While they have much economic power, their position in the world is rather vulnerable. Among them nine hundred billionaires, most of which are residents of the United States of America, dominate or hold in their hands the biggest part of the world markets. 

Nine hundred people in five billion, a tiny fraction. Surely, these people have their hand in the magic box that defines mainstream values all over the world. So, is that appealing to you as a bunch of values, when you only look who represents these values and how they came about? 

And second, when you see the reality of that mainstream world, do you really think it has much power over you—if not you yourself grant it that power? Perhaps this helps you realize that marginality is quite a nice thing, and not an ugly outlandish garbage bin, and you may begin to appreciate your marginality, your non-mainstream values, your healthy criticism, your lucidity when unveiling the web of lies behind most of that mainstream propaganda about a pretendedly clean and non-violent world that in reality is governed by highly unclean and violent governments. Do you think you can create a paper box when you have glue at your fingers?

When you let mainstream values regulate your life, you are dead before you have even started to live your life. 

Most people in one or the other way are not totally abiding by mainstream values but let a backdoor open in their mind in order to escape when things go too much contrary to their own value system. But they are afraid to admit it. Westerners especially consider values as a matter of privacy and keep their value box sealed. 

Of course, they talk about their values with close friends, but typically not in public or with strangers. There is a strange fear around revealing personal identity and values in Europe, and I am convinced that this fear originates from the times of the Church’s Inquisition and the brutality with which it has suppressed, for centuries, the European intelligentsia. We are still recovering from this first and largest holocaust in human history.

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