Religious Education vs. Intelligent Education

Religious Education or Intelligent Education?

by Peter Fritz Walter

Religious upbringing is the surest way to destroy the last traces of innocence in the human being and to corrupt people at the most basic level. Such perverted forms of education have contributed to the fact that the Western world today, as a matter of fact, has lost most of the innocence that you can still find in peoples in other parts of the world, especially in tribal cultures that in the West are being considered as primitive

While our culture simply is sadistic!

Traditional patriarchal education perverts children into obedient robots that have repressed their feelings in order to survive and be accepted. Here we are at the roots of narcissism as an individual and collective tragedy. And it is a tragedy, not just a simple behavior disturbance, as some psychiatrists wrongly assume.

And this narcissism is collective and ‘cultural’ as well. The modern culture of Westernized industrial societies is based on intrinsically false values or pseudo-values whereas it disregards the true values universally recognized, such as truth in relationships, honesty, care, friendship. 

Still more perverted is its attitude towards children. Children are universally considered as innocent beings. However, in Western nations this innocence has been redefined in a way so as to enslave children under the pretext they needed a considerable degree of protection. 

Disregarding the fact that true innocence very effectively protects itself using its own unique defense system, the majority of people concerned about children in Western countries use emotional and intellectual manipulation, threat and punishment in order to put children into a tight corselet of rules and regulations that disempowers children and deprives them exactly of the defense system they are pretended to lack. 

This false and manipulative attitude towards children brings about adults that crave for protection, that want to be policed and surveyed and that, at the end, fear freedom and autonomy. Humans being naturally inclined to searching after freedom and autonomy, are thus perverted by such kind of education and conditioning. 

For most people, it is sheer impossible to turn the wheel again in the other direction and to free themselves from this highly destructive conditioning that has thwarted their personal power and deeply hurt their human dignity.

Our culture does not help or support the healthy growth of our inner landscape. It does not recognize the fact that true creators are multi-dimensional personalities, beholders of heaven and hell, angels and devils. Worse, moralistic education and puritanical conditioning attempt to define man in a reductionist manner that labels negatively certain emotions, fantasies, inner processes, desires or obsessions, thus manipulating most individuals into repressing their most valuable energy resources. 

Human potential wasted in the millions, virtually every day, and this in the name of culture, while, truly, this process is closer to the dissolution of culture than to its progress.

The Inner Child is powerful but its power is not of this world. If you do not open your consciousness to a nonjudgmental worldview, you can hardly come to grips with it and your quest will remain superficial, another venture, another fashion, another of your hundred occupations of daily nonsense. 

Do not fool your inner child with sentimental gossip, with all that lukewarm soup that you absorb every day in the media! It is immune to this kind of hypocrite care. It is beyond the pettiness of those life haters who recognize as children only obedient little toddlers, but consider criminal or delinquent those truly critical, truly disturbing, truly intelligent individuals who, though small, are big souls and great persons! 

Our best children, inner and outer, are perhaps our most unwelcome ones, perhaps our most obnoxious ones. Let’s see how we face them and ourselves and where the truth is in this!

I do not forget about those of you who are more vulnerable, more defensive, more irritable than the rest of us. I have actually most of my feedback from you, women for the most part, women who sell an abuse story to the world and who deal in one or the other way with it. 

I am often touched by what you endured, sometimes hurt about your choice to retaliate rather than understand, to reject rather than embrace, to ward off instead of welcome. It is rather difficult to be friends with you. You are among my worst critics, but what you truly criticize, what you throw your bitter gall upon is not me: it’s your own inner child that you project on me. 

Most of you have gone through therapy, some of you for many years. But I have not encountered one of you who said it had helped, let alone one who has seen the challenge and the chance for growth in all of those trials. And trials, excuse me, we have all gone through, without exception, men and women alike!

Your inner child is proud of you when you are brilliant and bold with others. It respects you less if you hide behind a social mask or run with the majority. It is a minority-lover and it prefers intelligent marginality over stupid conformity. 

Your inner child is strong and powerful through the fact that it appears to be a non-sense to most people. You can win many people playing out your inner child in the social game, and this, if you do it the right way, can give you many advantages in your interactions with others, professional or private.

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