Pleasure and Pain

Pleasure and Pain

by Peter Fritz Walter

The human base setup, as neurology proved it, is built around the constant gain of pleasure combined with a constant striving to avoid displeasure. 

When ascetically-minded people still today, and despite all scientific evidence, defend a morality-based worldview, they fail to pay their tribute to the destruction their belief system brought about in five thousand years of moralistic patriarchy!  

If it is true that pleasure brings about pain, as Buddha, Krishnamurti and most other sages from India said, then why do we run for pleasure? An orgasm, in some way, as a maximum amount of pleasure, is a certain form of pain. 

That does however not engage me in avoiding that sweet pain of orgasm, but in the contrary lets me search after it again and again. In addition, sages argue that all we are searching for constantly renders us addicted and thus encloses us in a vicious circle of dependence. 

From this rigid point of view, all sexuality could be seen as a trap and in last resort a debasement. This is, in fact, the point of view of most religions, even more tolerant ones such as Buddhism. 

And yet it is a point of view that is profoundly contrary to life and life’s creational patterns of sexual union, joyful interaction, the melting of opposite forces and total communication through total copulation in the form of an ecstatic cosmic dance.

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