Life Authoring and the Self

Life Authoring and the Self

by Peter Fritz Walter

The essay is a philosophical presentation of a self-coaching technique I have created back in 1998 and that I call ‘Life Authoring’ or ‘Author Your Life.’

I inquire in this essay what the notion of ‘Self’ actually means, which has primarily been elaborated in the West by Carl Jung, while formerly, psychologists and authors tended to confuse the roles of the ‘Self’ and the ‘Ego’ more or less believing the Self was just another synonym for the Ego.

In the East, by contrast, the teaching about the role of the ‘Self’ versus the ‘Ego’ is part of the Vedanta tradition, and I have incorporated this teaching in the application of the technique.

In Vedanta, the ‘Self’ is called ‘Atman’ thereby completing the role of ‘Brahman’ or universal spirit on the individual soul level. I find this expression useful and therefore explain it further in the essay.

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