Peace Management

Peace Management

by Peter Fritz Walter

Peace management means to manage affairs in time and space by managing them outside of time and space. How can? 

To remain always within our time and space continuum means to exclude love and any form of higher wisdom. For all that is essential in life is not bound by time and space. 

When I say that my art is born in my own continuum, I actually want to say that it is created outside the time-space continuum and born within the ocean of peace that we all bear in our inner self. 

The difference between me and you is simply that I recognize the existence of this higher self and that I deliberately developed ways to get connected to this inner treasure. I am not connected all the time, otherwise I would be a master or guru. But I am not a master and do not want to be a guru. I do not want you to be my disciple. I want to be with you on equal levels. And from there we start in our work, not from a guru-disciple biased system. 

I am connected at times, or let’s say more modestly, it lets me get into it at certain moments. I can’t say that I control the access. I rather think that such control is an illusion because the inner self, or higher self is beyond control. 

In our work, then, what we can do, again modestly, is to facilitate the process in a way to prepare ourselves to being received by it.

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