Oedipal Culture

What is Oedipal Culture?

by Peter Fritz Walter

The Oedipal Confusion brings about highly adapted standard citizens that are deeply disloyal! In fact, the reigning Oedipal mainstream culture is a community of secret anarchists that obediently say their credo, but silently sabotage the very content of it. 

By contrast, education toward autonomy is based upon the unique truth of every single child, also and especially if this individual truth is contrary to the reigning sociopolitical ideologies. It is disturbing today’s global industrial culture that the child be a complete emosexual being from birth, and that, as a result, children own a birthright to have their emotions and sexual feelings respected.

While it is a good thing to have certain initiation rites or ceremonies which mark important steps in the growth of children, these rites are what they are: mark stones that border an otherwise seamless road. I reach a mark stone, I see the mark stone, I touch the mark stone, I pass the mark stone, I remember the mark stone. My passing the mark stone is gradual, and smooth in time, and the mark stone itself is of lesser importance than my passing it. 

What is important is that I constantly grow, that I remain moving. It is important to note that we learn the basic movement into autonomy during our first year of life, and not later on during adolescence or when we allegedly turn into that magic world of adulthood.

There is nothing more regrettable than human beings that are limited in their potential simply through a program they have received in childhood and that they are unable to erase and renew. Many of our historical human tragedies can be retraced to early childhood learning that was taking place in an atmosphere of constant anxiety, intimidation, humiliation and depression.

Repression and depression do not sound so similar for nothing. Every human being, when conscious of his or her natural potential of power is constructive and loving. The natural awareness of power is necessary and given to us for self-defense, for marking our personal sphere or simply for having enough courage to advance in life. 

Striving for power comes about when natural aggressiveness is repressed. Only through this repression, upon which our present civilization is based, personal power perverts into depression—and with that becomes a destructive hunger for power.

Such a retrogradation of the bioenergetic flow is not only the result of sudden attacks such as punishments or abuse, but often generally the result of prudish child-rearing and a strong family focus upon Behave yourself! and a rigid moralistic behavior code.

In cultures where children live their sexuality freely with other children, such as for example the Trobriand culture of Papua New-Guinea, homoerotic inversion is a very rare thing to happen for the child in that culture passes nights from age three in a community dormitory together with other children—and there reigns sexual promiscuity. Emotional and sexual maturity of the child is thus the result of the child’s direct contact with other children as sexual mates. The parents refrain from interfering in any way in this natural emosexual growth process and thus grant their children an utmost amount of emosexual autonomy.

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