by Peter Fritz Walter

Love is one of the greatest soul values you can set for your life. And love surely is a living thing and nothing you can put in a book, in words and phrases, in greeting cards and birthday wishes, nothing you can accumulate and store away, or to keep frosted for the next generations. 

Love is fluid, and volatile, and yet extremely powerful. Like water. Like a mountain. Like the shine of the moon that so many people today overlook and call a romantic fancy, because they have lost the perfume of life and think they can store away love, accumulate love and conserve love in the rose and blue colors they paint their children’s rooms with. 

And when you begin to put love in drawers and label it good, bad or perverse, you are surely on the track to hell. Because then you lost the meaning of what love really is. 

Never mind that more than ninety percent of your neighbors today are on that track, or even your whole nation. It’s nonetheless so. 

When many are deaf, deafness is not becoming a virtue. When a whole nation is deaf, deafness is not for that reason to become a sanctified human condition. 

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