Love Choices

Love Choices

by Peter Fritz Walter

Our love choices depend not on what senseless laws stipulate but what is ethically sound and viable. More and more, it should be possible to make responsible love choices in relations that are unusual or even tabooed by former moral laws that belonged to the collective supremacy of the Pisces era. 

In that era of our collective past, happiness was smashed by multiple nonsensical ideological doctrines. It is these doctrines and their fierce dogmatism that have created the almost chaotic state of violence that we face today in the world.

We do not just have violence. The problem is that violence multiplies because there are multiple causes that trigger violence, and they are adding-up to each other. In general, if our problems were coming from one single source, we would have since long solved them. Humanity is presently learning that most effects have more than one cause. 

And therefore, the thought that there was a straight line linking one cause to one effect simply is immature and shows that the person has no insight into systemic thinking and reasoning.

One of the main objectives that flow from this insight is the urgent need to redefine natural erotic longings and sexuality for all ages both on an individual and a collective level, through information and social reform.

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