Live Your Love

Live Your Love

by Peter Fritz Walter

Suffices to browse some forums on the Internet to see what many young people worry and talk about day after day: public rumors, law enforcement policies, personal or group tragedies, or what kind of erotically loving behavior might be acceptable or not be acceptable. 

Instead of asking that question to their soul, they ask other people, some of whom they hardly know; instead of quietly and rationally pondering the question how to get to live in cultures more akin to their personal desires, needs and expectations, they go on criticizing global consumer culture or become activists against what they consider to be the establishment. 

The questions they should ask, for example the one who they are, as individuals, and what their intrinsic personal dream is, what their personal wishes are and their vision for the future, go for the most part unasked. While the whole problem truly is one of lacking exposure, of lacking experience, of lacking opportunity with actually living their love. 

To say it with Albert Camus, if you want to know yourself, you should assert yourself. 

That means, regarding your love, you have to live it and then check back the feedback you get from the universe, for only then you can know if it’s okay or not to render your dream as a lifestyle and go for it. 

No book, no guru and no grouping can do that for you. And no book can provide you a standard answer for it. And if in a group each member is not able to build personal identity that is strong enough to survive in a highly labeling society, it becomes evident that a group composed of virgin individuals who use the standard idiot labels for identifying themselves, cannot as a group have a common tenor for propagating their worldview, let alone assume some sort of social power.

To begin building autonomy you must begin with a No in many cases, and not with a Yes. This may be a No to your parents when they perversely ask you to stay living with them forever, or a No to society as a whole when it attempts to interfere in your understanding of yourself. 

You may take a retreat, stop watching television for a certain time or go on a backpacking tour to India, whatever, but you have to begin defining your own values, your own expectations for your life because you, and only you, are the owner of your life. 

When you say I am a homosexual or I am a pedophile, you refuse to assume this responsibility for your life and you discharge it upon society, the group. That is, then, why the meta-group has so much power over you, to a point to crush you.

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