Life vs. Media Life

Life vs. Media Life

by Peter Fritz Walter

There is no purity in news production, there is no value-free information, there is no objectivity in any media production, also if it arrogantly comes over as scientific and objective or what you want. All in the media world is assembled, composed and produced by highly biased human minds, in all public media production studios and tee-wee stations over the world, wherever you go. 

The other trap is searching for what some gurus call the reality, as if there was only one reality. The very idea of one single reality is as fundamental a distortion of perception as is the idea of one single god. If there was only one rigid dominant one-party reality, personal reality would be an illusion, and personal freedom would be utopian. 

What we face in mass media production today is a level of denial of complexity that borders insanity. Life is unendingly complex, but media life, the artificial mirror of it, is a reductionist soup that suggests to the media consumer reality was flat, easy and linear, a matter of plugging in to the right channel. 

When we talk about mass media, worldwide news and mass entertainment, we talk about manipulation and indoctrination. We do not need to even think of personal freedom and individual expression while the mass media pay constant lip service to these values, in much the same way the Church did when it preached universal love and at the same time persecuted, tortured, raped and burnt beautiful little peasant girls it labeled as witches.

What we should develop is not an anti-attitude against the mass media, or a medieval or retarded mindset, or sectarian opinions, but watchfulness, alertness, an attitude that observes the undermining influences around us, without judging them as good or bad. 

This, then, is also the best way to educate your children. When you apply extreme solutions over a longer time, say you want to buy your kids into a zero-diet media consumption, you baffle the human nature and risk to cash in the opposite result. 

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