Lead a First-Hand Life

Lead a First-Hand Life

by Peter Fritz Walter

It’s you who is going to make up the techniques and first of all the lifestyle you are going to adopt in order to manifest your first-hand life. 

I can only know what is good for me, but not what is best for you. This is valid for all people, also your highest spiritual teachers for they if they are honest at all, will tell you exactly that. 

Maharshi tells you that, Krishnamurti told you that. Jesus told you that. Buddha told you that. 

But you did not understand them. The obstacle for your understanding is your lacking freedom and your stubborn obedience along with your craving for imitation. However, in spiritual matters nobody can tell you anything. That’s the truth, the only there is and that we can share. Now, if this is so, how can I help you to free yourself from all sense-givers that pervert you and kill your religious quest right at its root? If you don’t believe me, please believe me one thing at least so that we can start: believe me that there are no sense-givers and that only you yourself is going to give your life and destiny the meaning it needs to be a fulfilled and happy one.

You cannot get to realize the true sense of your destiny in brushing away your material wishes, judging them childish, nonsensical, selfish, irrational or grandiloquent. There is beauty in all our wishes, material, emotional, sexual, be they perverse. 

There is deep significance hidden in our wishes. In brushing away your wishes and leaving it to dreamers to fulfill their dreams, you will never access the true sense of your life. We all are dreamers, and that is the magic of human nature! 

And the creator force that you may call God, Brahma, Allah or otherwise is the greatest of all dreamers. This force has dreamt this world into existence!

We are not the kind of robots many so-called spiritual teachers wish us to be in order to better manipulate us for their personal glory. Your spiritual side and your material side cannot be separated without killing you. 

Then, when you die, they separate naturally. But as long as we are incarnated and on this earthly plane of existence, the two spheres are intertwined into one single whole. You may wonder how it can be that the realization of material wishes contributes to connect you to your true selfhood; truly, the split of our endeavors in material and spiritual ones is merely artificial. It does not exist. 

Every material wish is the manifestation of a higher purpose, an evolutionary quest of a higher order that is hidden behind the wish – and that is often unknown to us. There is a deeper reason and a purpose why you want this S-Mercedes and not any other car, and why for me a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow is really the ultimate car. 

Psychologists may say that you have a power hang-up and need this car to compensate for your feeling powerless or even worthless and that I suffer from megalomania. 

Be careful with such quick judgments. The psychologist may be right but in another way as he intended to. He may be right in that the S-Mercedes will help you heal your power gap and channel misdirected energies into constructive paths. 

Second, the S-Mercedes may be for you a manifestation of a higher class of being, while your power setup is probably not defective. 

Let me try to explain what I mean. Spiritually and materially we do have classes. Wherever you look, there are social distinctions, classes, levels and hierarchies, or castes. We all have a natural striving to move upward in the hierarchy, be it in our personal evolution or on a social scale. 

It is infantile to belittle this fact and to label such behavior as mere immaturity. Those who pretend they are completely free of the need to grow upwards are typically the ones that are the most addicted to hierarchical thinking. 

The best way to handle this need for constant self-improvement is to be conscious of it, and not to repress or belittle it. You may not easily discover what the higher purpose is behind your wish. You do not need to discover it, to be true. 

It is much more important to listen to this inner voice and to work actively and in a focused manner in order to make your wish true. Then you will see for yourself. For something in the quality of your living will subtly change without you ever becoming aware of that change. 

You may well notice the greater comfort and safety, the social recognition and the beauty of the design when you meet your car every morning in the garage. But that’s only the exterior, the peripheral issue. 

What is behind? I let you find out by yourself. And one thing is sure: the answer is about you…, and not about that car, about the beauty of your whole being, and not the beauty of the design of that car.

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