Know Your Ego

Know Your Ego

by Peter Fritz Walter

What many preachers of consciousness boosting have overlooked is that you can enlarge only what before has been compressed. That’s not my insight, but Lao-tzu said this, quite some time ago, in his Dao De Ching. 

If you want to blow up your ego, you have to strengthen it first, and a lot! How to do that? 

By getting to know it.

Is it yellow or is it red, big or small, smooth or hairy? It’s neither of this, of course. But you can find out by yourself instead of running to the next guru. 

You can begin to be your own guru. Simply by studying the nature of your ego. Realizing your wholeness can only be brought about through self-knowledge. It’s knowledge about the whole of your mindbody continuum, and thus knowledge about your conscious and subconscious processes, physically, mentally and emotionally, including your dreams. It also means to become aware of the kaleidoscopic play and function of your emotions by passively observing and accepting them.

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