Junk Child

Junk Child!

by Peter Fritz Walter

Love education abstains from conditioning the naturally unconditioned child according to social ideals that mutilate the natural integrity and wholeness of the child. 

While institutional education does not serve the child, but the system; it does not recognize the existence of individual, and individually gifted, children. For mass education, there is a quantity of humans to be educated, and not a variety of unique individuals. This is why mass education is destructive and leads to devolution, not to evolution. 

It serves not cultural, but if ever, military needs. It destroys the full human in us. It suffocates sensitivity and sensuality, and wipes out individual differences by imposing standard patterns of behavior, with the ultimate purpose of molding children into a standard scheme of thinking and acting that is socially approved and politically correct. It conditions good humans to become bad citizens and dull bureaucrats. It paralyzes the inborn self-thinker and replaces individual intelligence by standard stupidity. 

The traditional patriarchal educational paradigm creates havoc in the child’s psyche by stressing performance and ruthless competition, thereby creating violence in relationships in order to transform the naturally self-thinking child into a conforming robot that fits like a wheel in an idiotic machinery of nonsensical values that make up our mainstream paradigm of modern culture. 

Even in schools for children from well-to-do families, the child is often not respected as an integrated whole human, but reduced into a split-self and conditioned to become a cunning career-hawk; by doing so, the unique soul qualities of the child are neglected if not shunned, and the outright focus on left-brain, separative yang values, the more integrative and socially functional yin values are wiped under the carpet. 

This is how, virtually in the cradle, and the crèche, hubris and violence are structurally programmed by modern society.

A further result of this educational bias is that systemic, associative, creative and ecological thinking is mutilated and so-called rational, logical, strategic thinking is hypertrophied. 

The outcome is the functionary, the ruthless executioner or the career woman who lets her children over to daycare and never even thought why, in the first place, she wanted to have a child. Thus, mass education is a quite effective form of child killing. 

Traditional education suffocates the child’s emotional life instead of understanding that child-rearing is first of all taking care of the child’s healthy emotional development. Modern education is not different from traditional education in this respect; it differs only in that it castrates children emotionally, less through brutal nonsensical prohibitions, but rather through cunning intellectual dressage. The result are children who prematurely excel in doing every kind of puzzle and are brilliant in small-talk while being hyperactive, bed-wetting, and insomniac. Not to mention that they lost their sexy charm and look and act like dwarf-adults. 

To focus on every individual child is only possible when, from the start, we have a qualitative and not a quantitative approach to education. The quality approach does not ask for efficiency, but for integrated solutions that serve every child in the community. 

Life education opposes moralistic education because morality-based education serves the dominator culture, and not the child. 

Dogma-based education moulds the child after the adult role model as a social ideal, and thus after the values valid for a majority. Such form of education regularly disregards the true needs of the child or sacrifices them on the altar of mighty parenthood. Moralistic education is contrary to intelligence for it builds psychological fear and guilt which represent barriers to self-knowledge. 

So it can be said that moralistic education ultimately brings about human stupidity large-scale, besides rendering the human being a violent beast!

True intelligence is nourished by observing our psycho-emotional reactions as well as our actions on a regular basis. The adherence to morality or ideological positions hinders the birth of true intelligence because it blocks the dialogue with our desires and inner energies.

Education based upon ideologies fosters negative growth, absolute rigid positions, conformity, imitation and, in last resort, violence. In order to grasp an idea of the emotional life of the child, we need to grasp what really is intelligence. 

Most people confuse intelligence with knowledge. They don’t see that accumulation of knowledge is purely mechanical and as such no indicator of intelligence. Intelligence is something entirely different from knowledge. It is not mechanical, but a natural by-product of emotional vivacity and wholeness: to grow sanely means to be not fragmented and rather intuitive. 

Children and geniuses have in common that they are emotionally intact and that they are not fragmented by moralistic trash. Our rational mind only functions at full capacity when it is connected to our irrational mind so that intellectual/analytic and intuitive/synthetic thought synergistically interact with each other. 

Then, regularly, the rational and the emotional part of us are well balanced and we experience a state of lasting inner peace. 

Mainstream education makes a complex and difficult natural process easy by destroying it. It kills the child emotionally by invalidating the child’s right-brain capacities and resulting actions and, as a matter of fact, castrating the child emotionally at an early age. 

The world is populated with people who are emotionally dead. Mainstream education reminds of a gardener who, because of lacking knowledge how to grow a specific plant, just roots it out. 

Junk child! 

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