Fascist Education vs. Love Education

Fascist Education vs. Love Education

by Peter Fritz Walter

Totalitarian ideologies and political systems tend to misuse the family in breeding rampant educational codependence to bring about weak and confused humans, because they need that kind of humans.

Truly individuated and autonomous beings are much more difficult to control and to manipulate. 

In such systems, the youth is signed up to conform through youth organizations such as the Hitlerjugend, the Nazi youth organization and similar organisms in more recent times, through gender segregation, strict education with brutal forms of punishment, emotionally, physically and sometimes sexually abusive relationships between educators and youth, and the integration of family, youth organizations and the military for propagandistic reasons. 

In order to avoid the development of intimate relationships between the young, each member of the organization, adult or child, is supposed to ruthlessly spy out, persecute and denunciate any suspect intimate behavior and report it to the caporal. 

Such systems, because of their denial of any true humanity cannot last. The human machine cannot run smoothly and naturally on violence and draconian laws. What such systems produce is chaos, and they destroy the human potential in the long run. 

The laws of nature are opposing such systems since they are fundamentally directed against nature. 

Nothing can in the long run be reached on a collective level if not all participants contribute from a genuine will and integrity to build something greater than personal. When a system is cruel, no human is in the long run willed to maintain being motivated, and integrity vanishes. 

All fascists, be they right-wing or leftist, are blind to the fact that restricting the human potential through dogmatism and cruelty cannot produce anything but chaos and sad mediocrity. Whoso reigns without the human reigns without life. And he will build a dead regime from the start. It is not important how we qualify the relationship between the individual and the collective, if we call it with Rousseau and Locke a social contract or citizenship, it must be organized in a democratic way that preserves the fundamental freedom and civil rights of the individual and that is set to integrate humans rather than eat them through fusion.

Education, therefore, must focus upon the development of individual creativity, and not upon group productivity, if it is to serve positive evolution. 

As fascism shuns the creative and integrative cooperation of the individual, it’s a very unproductive ideology. What it brings about, and has brought about historically, is collective crime, not heroic humanity which it however pretends to foster by paying lip service to great ideals and pretendedly selfless leaders. I would go as far as saying that truly integrative, and respectful relationships between individuals and groups, or the state, can be true love relations.

Fascism is a denial-paradigm. 

It is founded upon the denial of the true self, the denial of our natural power and ability for self-realization. It is preaching a junk-reality that deforms life into a crippled defense-ideology that demands self-sacrifice in order to compensate for true realization. 

What it offers is a fake-reality through perverse strategies and games that it regards as a demonic acting-out of mythical power that is, in reality, a manifestation of powerlessness. 

Its destructiveness comes from the lazy submission of those caught in its claws, not from their ‘mean’ or ‘bad’ character setup. While Hitler was perhaps mean, many of those who executed his orders were but diligent servants. This is what makes fascism so dangerous. 

Society can cope with terrorists and killers but it is at great pains to cope with ‘convicted’ citizens who apply the ‘good order,’ cost it what it will, or the ‘good cause’ they hold for ‘justified’ because it ‘cleans out all previous evil.’ 

Only right education can deal with wrong ideologies. And only humane order can prevail over the last of all ‘clean’ causes that brought about holocausts.

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