Conflict Solving

Conflict Solving

by Peter Fritz Walter

In every conflict there is a periphery and a center. To solve a conflict effectively means to penetrate into its center, exactly as with resolving conflict within ourselves. Thus, here we have a truth that applies both to resolving conflict inside and outside. But what is done instead? Conflicts are shifted on other levels, renamed and thus administered—without being solved. 

Conflicts are treated at their periphery only. Just as with Western medicine that treats the symptoms and not the causes, that cares about sickness but not about health, as it has, until this day, never defined what health truly is. 

If I want to treat cancer, and I destroy its symptoms by cutting out a tumor, but I do not look what really happens in the cell, in the tiny but essential elements of our organism, when cancer has affected this organism, I cannot say that I really care about treating and healing cancer. And so the cancer will spread elsewhere in the body.

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