Chosen People

Chosen People

by Peter Fritz Walter

You may think that only certain chosen people among the mass of uncreative nerds have the right to display their soul values and invite others to share into them. My answer is that choice is well the secret, but the choice comes from the person herself. There are no chosen people, true, but there are self-chosen people. 

You are chosen because you choose yourself as your sole leader and king in your universe. You can be a star tomorrow if you wish to. But you also have to be ready to cash in the other side of the medal; to be a media star, to be famous means to be hyper-vulnerable and you have to put up your defenses to avoid the worst. As a star, you are sitting on the toilet in a bathroom without walls! 

It needs great courage to live the life of a star and it is in my view not at all an easy life. But it is also true that being popular is a unique opportunity for promoting your soul values worldwide. It’s a privilege, but it has a price tag! 

When you observe the life stories of stars, especially in film and show, you see that they are almost addicted to their soul reality, to a point they may overlook their daily reality completely.  

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