Breaking the Vicious Circle

Breaking the Vicious Circle

by Peter Fritz Walter

The research demonstrated so far should suffice for a first assessment of the ‘impossible human’ that governments around the world, and their police forces, target for ‘improvement,’ and ‘social education.’ 

Their attempts are obviously fighting violence with violence, evil with evil, and socially sanctified schizophrenia with legalized paranoia. 

When so many researchers, from very different scientific angles, come to the result that not the human is bad, but how the human is educated and distorted in early childhood, and how natural love is thwarted through the rather perverse idea of morality, then we have to question the base assumption behind our whole legally cemented system of violent moralism. 

The base assumption in this system namely is that the human is originally bad and corrupt, or has been rendered so by ‘original sin’ or its worldly correlate, the so-called hereditary hangup. 

The first idea, favored by our major monotheistic religions, says ‘The human is born evil but can be redeemed by our Great Religion,’ the second variant, now fashionable in the ‘science society’ says ‘The human is born with a hereditary defect and can be repaired by our Great Psychiatry.’ 

It’s exactly the same mechanistic and nonsensical idea, only that the vocabulary changed. 

Neither our great religions nor our great psychiatry obviously have understood that the human being is without fault, but that the mold the human is baked in roots out the last little rest of good, by distorting our perception early in life, and by blocking our natural emotional flow through the worldwide plague of moralism, that is the blasphemic and deeply nature-hostile idea there was something fundamentally wrong with the human setup. 

What is wrong is that the worldwide religious and political power conglomerates have an interest in upholding the myth of the ‘impossible human’ for their politics of divide et impera, their relentless flow of income from all wars, civil wars and rampant genocide of tribal populations, and their dominion over the world banking system.

It is easy, when you are a doctor, telling your patients how sick they are, to inflate your doctor’s bills. It is easy when you are a pharmacist, telling your clients how bad their doctor is, to inflate your pharmacist’s bills. It is easy when you are a psychiatrist, to tell your clients how insignificant the body is, and that’s the human mind that is the big culprit in human history, to inflate your psychiatrist’s bills. 

It is easy, when you are a lawyer, to tell your clients how helpless doctors, pharmacists and psychiatrists are in the face of the single valid reality that every human is a criminal by birth, to inflate your lawyer’s bills. It is easy, when you are a politician, to tell your voters that doctors, pharmacists, psychiatrists and lawyers are all bad advisors as only politics can change the impossible human in the long run, to inflate your politician’s budget. It is easy when you are a holy man, to tell your disciples how ignorant their doctors, pharmacists, psychiatrists, lawyers and politicians are of spiritual reality, to inflate your good karma. 

All these people have an interest to tell you how bad you are, what a bad karma you have, what a bad karma your society has or your nation, and how hopeless the overall situation is for our globe to survive global warming and all the rest of cataclysms that are going to rain upon us and plague us like the proverbial Pandorabox.

You are bombarded every day with catastrophic messages that are not per se catastrophic but become so because they are inflated by the modern mass media and the fact that the globe is networked for telling you that on the other side of the globe a woman was raped, a child was lust-murdered and a man had sex with his small daughter, while the world strangely enough is not networked for telling you what improvements were made, and how happy people are in their families, compared to the misery of togetherness you are in since twenty-five years and that you call ‘my marriage.’ 

And what you are never told is how abysmal the situation is in your glorious democracy for those who are unable to handle the bioenergy contained in their emotions, and who are jailed for years, if not for decades, for having taken so-called drugs, had the wrong kind of sex with the wrong kind of person or killed a neurotic, dominant, oppressive or abusive mother or spouse. 

This reality is carefully veiled from you so that you continue to believe how well off you are in your particular reality soup that is largely brewed not by yourself, but by those on top of the media hierarchy. And you have never seen how a prison cell looks from inside, and how cruelly children are beaten in so-called ‘correction homes’ which are jails for children for which your government, in whatever country you live, has till this day not enacted the anti-torture conventions and human rights precepts because they are valid only for adults, and for prisons that keep adults. 

For children, sorry, are not legally valid consumers, which is shown very clearly by the fact that their consent to sexual embrace with adults is deemed legally invalid. So if these young members of our society are jailed, they can be treated in any possible way because nobody will feel responsible, their parents having been discredited as ‘abusers’ or otherwise declared unable for caretaking, and the government doing what is prescribed by the laws. And the laws, sorry, have forgotten to enact any of our glorious human rights protection instruments and conventions for our smallest members; and our child protection laws target abusive parents and of course the proverbial stranger-rapist, but not abusive governments. 

This is a little snapshot from the behind-the-stage of your magnificent democracy, but you prefer to read what’s hot in your news, right? And you think that on top of this mess of brutality, ignorance, and confusion of values, you are going to establish world peace? One must be struck with debility to believe that, really. 

So, when you see that, you see all, namely the fact that before we can even think of peace for this globe, we have to clean up the mess inside of our minds and behind-the-stage. The truth is that you are not born in sin, that you are not born in destructive karma as a predestined fate, that you do not need to be ‘professionally’ treated for being acceptable for society, nor ‘religiously’ treated for being acceptable to the otherworld. 

The truth is that you are a complete god when, and as long as, you are a complete human. You don’t need to imitate heroes and avatars, for they were and are just that, complete humans. The hero is like you, only that their message and expression are tailed to their individual mission. 

There is no high and low among humans. You have all within you that you see in your favorite heroes but god manifests through you in a different way than the supreme spirit manifests through this or that hero, and that is why you are important for creation. If you were like the heroes you admire, the supreme highest spirit could not manifest through you because you are created for manifesting a particular Gestalt of spiritual truth, which is expressing itself through your particular life’s mission. 

Therefore, you are important as you are and you are less important as long as you feel compelled to imitating others. In fact, if you mold yourself into the image of your cherished hero, you are useless for the universal mind to manifest spiritual truth through you. Affirm this truth over and over:


I now thankfully express what god wishes to manifest through me.

You don’t need any doctor, spiritual advisor or healer. You can heal yourself. There is a simple method to heal early trauma and you don’t need self-hypnosis, and expensive therapies. 

You have the gift of expressing yourself through writing. Write the simple truth. The simple truth is how you have lived your childhood, how you have experienced your early life. You do this without judging, without positive or negative, without inflicting a good-or-bad judgment on each episode, anecdote or experience in your childhood. You simply say and write how you felt it. This is how you are going to heal your inner wounds. Through seeing yourself, and your life, objectively, without adding on and without leaving out details, that you are going to heal. The healing is a self-healing that is part of your spiritual perfection as a complete human.

Breaking the vicious circle of violence used for fighting violence, there is only one way, focus upon love, undivided, unspoiled, unconditional love, which is not passion, not desire, not entanglement, but freedom and respect of the other as a god-manifesting creature, just as yourself. 

When you realize this, you see that violence in the world is the violence in us projected upon the world, and that for fighting violence, we have to find a way to end our inner violence, our inner strife and turmoil, which is brought about through the many contradictions we are in, and through the oppression inflicted upon us by a meta-group that hasn’t really done an evolution since the last five thousand years, in that it remained stuck in insignificant technological progress while psychologically being on the level of the primal horde.

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