by Peter Fritz Walter

Boylove is not fundamentally different from girllove in that a small boy has more feminine than masculine characteristics. But the hot melting sensations experienced by a sensitive man toward a tender, smart and loving little boy was to be rejected by patriarchy as these natural feelings were bulk-repressed together with all that even slightly reminded female power. 

The Babylonic Epic of Creation amply demonstrates this fact and is commented upon by Joseph Campbell: 

Joseph Campbell

It is a forthright patriarchal document, where the female principle is devaluated, together with its point of view, and, as always happens when a power of nature and the psyche is excluded from its place, it has turned into its negative, as a demoness, dangerous and fierce. And we are going to find, throughout the following history of the orthodox patriarchal systems of the West, that the power of this Goddess-Mother of the world, whom we have here seen defamed, abused, insulted, and overthrown by her sons, is to remain as an ever-present threat to their castle of reason, which is founded upon a soil that they consider to be dead but is actually alive, breathing, and threatening to shift.

— Joseph Campbell, Occidental Mythology, Princeton: Princeton University Press (Bollingen Series XVII), 1973, New York: Penguin Arkana, 1991, p. 86.

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