Can You Face It?

Can You Face It?

Peter Fritz Walter

So my question to you is ‘What are you actively doing to promote your talents?’

If you have a powerful talent, what are you doing about it? I have spent years neglecting my 12 Talent Areas, and it was only recently that I FACED THEM all, which means to build awareness about them and to begin to actively develop them as a sort of personal evolution to a higher and more active state of self-awareness.


I have a friend who is a Yogi and another friend who is a spirit healer. What are they doing about their healing and meditation talents? They do a lot about them! My Yogi friend does up to 6 hours of Yoga per night. My spirit healer friend is constantly on the move for finding new way to connect with spirit directly and without using her (brilliant) intellect; it is deep intuition that does that for her. It is incredible for both my friends work or worked in IT. My spirit healer friend was very deeply involved in the IT business yet internally she was starving, until she had the courage to stand up and quit! 

My Yogi friend, who is a software engineer of very high rank, a consultant, and a hobby mathematician, has expressed frustration and disappointment about the working conditions in most IT companies today. 

There is so much pressure ‘from above’ and overall a rude tone, while traditional values such as kindness and emotional support seem to have gone down the river. Yet when you are a creative human being such as my two friends, you cannot stack this in without being damaged somehow very deep in your soul. You will suffer from this lack of humanity and the ‘robotization’ of the modern workplace.

Now with my question I know I do touch a vulnerable point. When asking you if you can face it, the question has a kind of double connotation: can you face your talent, first of all, and then second, can you face the social and professional situation in which you are?

What happens when you face the first? You develop your talent or it rather develops itself, for you give it energy, vital energy! But what about the application of your talent in the social and business world? How are you facing that? I believe that in this point you need to be hyper-flexible. If a company appalls you, take a leave! If they are rude, tell them to shut up and GO. They have no right to cast you into the shadow while from the brilliance of your talent you are naturally walking in the light!

When you care for your intrinsic talent in such a double fashion, you are making sure you keep your place in the light, and for that you are responsible, for nobody else can do that for you!

Lesser smart people than my friends believe in making money out of a talent, and only in these terms, that is, to make it through commercially! 

Is that a limitation? I believe it is, for the power of your talent is not material, it is spiritual, it is related to your soul, and your soul values. When you do make money out of your talent, this is a derivative, so to speak, and not the purpose of the talent. It is a side-effect, I would add with a punch of humor, it is a by-product, and you can think about it perhaps as a necessity, perhaps as an enrichment, perhaps as a personal fulfillment, but it is more than the dollar notes it produces in your bank account—for sure!

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