Freedom in Unfreedom

I am presenting here a practical and livable philosophy that creatively spans and integrates the contradictions of our time. My approach is pragmatic. I am not one of those hair-splitting philosophers of the West, nor a ‘Confucian’ moralist of the East. These human models do not seduce me; for me, philosophy simply is inner silence and a ground state of contemplation.

There is no place for high-strung ideals. All is rooted in daily life, in the plain, simple life. And this is again in the spirit of my new wording of the Dao De Ching, the old Chinese wisdom book.

Is there total spiritual freedom?

Krishnamurti’s teaching led to nothing but sophisms and hair-splitting assumptions. We are culturally bound. Musical genius unfolds always within the boundaries of the harmonic structure, which is a given. It does not blossom outside of this limitative structure of musical rules and aesthetic conventions.

Freedom is thus a function of unfreedom. 

Total freedom is madness or self-betrayal.

What is cultural imbeddedness? Culture is somehow the integration of genius into a structure: the highly gifted musician gains freedom in the unfreedom of the harmonic structure his music is imbedded in and ruled by. After this metaphor, it should be clear that culture is a set of a-priori assumptions that are individually and collectively impregnating people who identify themselves with this culture (or art, music, etc., of this culture).

Intelligent living therefore can only be found within the culture, not outside of the cultural framework.

Eclecticism results in fragmentation and a so-called ‘total freedom’ which is but self-betrayal.

What is personal growth?

It is to become authentic, to avoid ‘foreign’ knowledge. It is rooted in practice, not theory. It requires regularity and patience, daily concentration upon the essential; to recognize one’s limitations and respect them, and to gain freedom within these limitations.

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