The Coachlog FAQ

What means Coachlog?

Coachlog is a new, unique way to do self-development online.

Coachlog is a unique way to personal advancement through writing.

Coachlog is a combination between a blog and a self-development suite.

Coachlog is a form of self-coaching or self-empowerment.

Coachlog leads to building primary power, autonomy and success.

What is Coach Logging?

Coach Logging is a new form of blog, blog posting or blogging that I have created. It is a combination between a common blog and an empowerment software module that is contained in the blog software.

Within the three different empowerment modules, Firstself®, Creativeself®, and Leaderself® there is a Relaxation and Focusing module (Combirel®) that opens new perspectives to effective online self-development.

How does Coach Logging Work?

Coach Logging is based upon the very old idea of the power of the word. Language bears a unique power and has an immediate effect upon the body and mind, and this effect is growth-enhancing and positive when language is used in the right way.

The ancient healers and hierophants knew that no doctors and psychiatrists are needed, and no medicine, other than using the power of language for changing all patterns of life.

Every condition, be it somatic or psychic, can be influenced, manipulated and changed by simply using positive affirmations in a relaxed state of mind.

Is Coach Logging a Coaching Method?

Yes. The method that I termed Feedback Loop Technique® is a form and adaptation of the Inner Dialogue for healing and creativity enhancement. The user works first through the Getting Started Module that contains powerful brain coordination, relaxation and focusing units.

After that, the user will be ready for the spontaneous output he is asked for in the specific answer-and-question games. Every page contains one or several questions that the user answers in a ‘stream-of-consciousness-style’ writing, which means to write the answer as fast as one can, without even thinking about it.

It’s to spontaneously express one’s gut. What happens is namely that the subconscious mind is activated by this method, and answers can be provided that seem ‘alien’ on first sight, and thus provide an element of novelty. By doing this, surprising changes can be brought about in one’s mindset, and results and transformations be achieved virtually in minutes.

What is Inner Dialogue?

Inner Dialogue is a technique known from personal growth seminars, coaching and psychiatry that is used to bring about a deeper and lasting inner harmony in the client or patient through the integration and interactive exchange of our inner entities or energies, first of all our Inner Child, our Inner Parent and our Inner Adult.

This technique was an integral part of the so-called Transactional Analysis approach that the American psychiatrist Eric Berne invented in the 1950s and it has since then been developed further both in medical psychiatry and private coaching. It is a very powerful technique that, unlike psychoanalysis, surely brings results, even when used only short-term.

Dedicated patients and clients have reported an entire and beneficial transformation of their whole personality and mindset. I can fully subscribe to the latter statement. The Inner Dialogue and especially the creative work with my Inner Child has brought about a real explosion of my personal creativity and productivity, and this has lasted for now almost twenty years and it goes on and on.

Why as a Blog?

Coach Logging is using the blog in new and creative ways. The blog function is very important because it serves Coach Loggers to talk about their creative experience with self-development and share it with others, so that something like a Coachlog Community will unfold by and by.

Self-development has existed since long but it was foremost an individual and often quite lonely endeavor. My experience as a coach has shown me that most people who engage in self-improvement wish to share their unique personal growth experience with others, and preferably with others who do the same. This is natural. High achievers wish to be in touch with high achievers.

The process of personal development is greatly enhanced through being constantly around positive, creative and ambitious people. Hence, the necessity and paramount importance of building a Coachlog Community. Working through the empowerment modules will inevitably raise questions.

This process leads in most cases to a need to talking about the experience, be it in a private or public blog, and second, it asks for support, first of all professional support that I offer on Coachlog Support.

What are the Positive Effects of Coach Logging?

There are a number of positive effects. First of all, the experience of the Feedback Loop Technique® as a form and adaptation of the Inner Dialogue brings about inner integration. This leads to inner peace, harmony and strength, and a renewed sense of personal identity, which then becomes impregnated more and more by our true soul values.

At the same time, the detrimental effects of mass conditioning gradually fade out from the surface of consciousness, which needs to happen for superconsciousness to be built.

This technique is used, in one or the other way, by all geniuses, to name only Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Albert Einstein as examples.

The positive effects are manifesting both in health and creativity, and they unfold simultaneously on the individual, interpersonal and transpersonal levels. Secondly, communicating this experience to others bring additional integrative and health benefits, and strengthens personal power and expressiveness. Third, sharing this experience in a Coachlog Community brings about a unique field effect of transpersonal power and a powerful starting base for collective superconsciousness to be gradually built.

Is the Coachlog Community Public or Private?

It is private in principle. Why? Because self-development is per se a private and even intimate experience and not something to chat about, not something to reveal in party talk, not something to divulgate on a public forum.

Hence, such a community must be a private forum, not a public one. However, there are certain events or mark stones in one’s development that one wishes to communicate to a larger community or even the whole world. For this case, the forum is not the right place, but a public blog function that is available for Premium Members.

The blog function namely has a public and a private part. The public blog is to be used for sharing experiences and successes that are not too intimate, and that one wishes to reveal to even anonymous users. For the rest, users have to create an account, identify themselves and then will be able to share in the more intimate world of Coach Logging.

What is Coachlog Support?

Coachlog Support is a unique form of email-based support given by myself, the creator of the Coachlog personal coaching approach. This support is professional, effective, personal and confidential. I have twenty years experience in pure email-based coaching and support, which is a skill not many coaches possess today.

Is Coachlog Support Free?

Coachlog Support is not a free service. However, I grant one free initial email exchange for free to all Premium Members, as an incentive and complimentary service. The pricing of Coachlog Support is divided in different support plans, to meet various and individually different support needs.

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