Make a Value Decision

Sometimes it is necessary to having the courage for opposing society and its nonsensical sex laws in order to live your desire in a constructive way. The important thing is that you comply with cosmic law by restraining from inflicting suffering on another creature. The laws on earth are very volatile and they are often not in accordance with eternal law. They actually vary from country to country and from epoch to epoch. If you consider all the ideological and economic values that go along with our morality code, you will become a total conformist! Then you may pride yourself to have bent your inner nature to that point to have perverted yourself totally from what is natural. And then you may not wonder that you become violent as a beast. 

If you still struggle with these values, if you allow them to be valid for you, you will be in trouble, you will feel confused, since they do not go along with your inner nature; they rather oppose it. Thus you must make a clear value decision: what are the values that count for you, and which ones do not count for you? 

You may find yourself in a value conflict. What is a value conflict? A value conflict is a situation where you are not sure which values count for you and are valid for your life, social values or your soul values? In other words, do you give priority to other people’s, the majority’s or your society’s values, or your own values? Typically, your soul values may allow you to do something that social values consider as marginal, asocial or criminal behavior. For example, during the Middle Ages a natural healer might have been successful with his healing approach yet social values considered him as a sorcerer, and thus a social offender. Other example, you may love boys or girls and your soul values do not stand against when you live your love in a peaceful and nonviolent manner, with full agreement of the child and their parents, yet social values still in such a case would consider you as an offender and criminal. What are you going to do to solve this value conflict?

The truth is that only your soul values can have an impact on your life, but this is not as obvious as it seems on first sight. Many people actually share the values of others without being aware that these values do not fit or fit only partially their own lives. That means they more or less clone and imitate other peoples’ lifestyles without being aware that such behavior deprives them of their own truth – and of their own power! You can enhance your inner clarity by doing the following:

  • imagine what you most would like to do now;
  • get to write down a wish list (list all your wishes);
  • find out what the priority is for you in life.

When you do these explorative activities, your intuition, not your intellect will speak. To facilitate this process, do away with thinking in opposites. Instead, focus on what you wish to realize. Opposites trap you in that they split you into positive and negative parts, the positive parts affirming our desire, the negative parts denying or contradicting it. When you are split in opposites you are less powerful and your clarity about your goals is veiled by fear and indecisiveness. 

When you make the wish list, do not worry; let your gut speak and not your head. That’s how your body participates in the process, for your body cannot lie. Your body is always honest. 

At first, do not give a priority to your wishes nor any order. Just note them. If you have a page filled with wishes, then you may put an order and prioritize them. Then detect one wish you consider more important than all the others and get clarity why this wish gets on top of your priority list. Then go and write it on top of your new wish list, the prioritized one. This is certainly a challenge, but it is not more a challenge as any of the great challenges we know from the lives of great and famous people.  

You will be a hero. A hero is one who is able to realize a unique mission and who works with spiritual power, with soul power, for achieving his purpose. A hero is not the fighter for justice and similar myths; those are fake heroes. A hero is simply the fighter for a unique individual mission. A hero is a person who accepts the trial of saying yes to their own desire – whatever it is like. You may still think that you’ll end up on the electric chair if you do this. But this is exactly your fundamental error. You will perhaps end up there if you refuse the call of your self, but certainly not if you follow this call for realizing yourself in a conscious and deliberate way. For if you do this and use spiritual powers to accomplish your mission while being confident that the universe will provide you with exactly what you need, you will end up being powerful and happy, and you will not infringe eternal laws. 

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