The Creative Continuum

90101-147In this introduction, we will shortly look into the general impact that creativity has on our our life, and particularly why it changes everything and brings everything to change, why it transforms our body, our soul, our whole organism, why it even influences the growth of our cells. If you don’t believe in this miracle, if you deny its existence, the whole course cannot work effectively for you. It is very important that you develop first of all a basic openness for wonder, for the unexpected, the miraculous in life. And then, that you also expect it to happen in your life!

As it is written in A Course in Miracles*, miracles are habits, and should be involuntary. They should not be under conscious control, and they are natural, they are an exchange with love, the great potential of love in you and in all.

What I call The Creative Continuum (CC) is the whole of this process. For those of you who are not familiar with the term ‘continuum,’ I may shortly explain it. A continuum is something like a holistic framework of references that determines our life and is at the very basis of our specific way of experiencing living. The continuum concept also implies that this frame of references is harmonious and makes that our life is well balanced. When we live within our continuum we are generally happy, we see that our life has a sense, a deep meaning, a meaning that is perhaps not subject to verbal expression but that we feel intuitively.

Creativeself® is a method destined to help you reconnecting yourself to your Creative Continuum (CC). The various techniques, games and ways to express yourself are all centered around one goal: to boost your creativity and thus bring about more happiness in your life, more wholeness and a deeper connection with the root of life itself.

You and me know for sure that we have never learned this in school since schools do not teach happiness nor wholeness nor even understanding of the regulating principles of life, the truly religious principles in the sense of the word religio (Latin, means ‘back-link’).

Some of you may still search for a guru who guides and directs their process of enlightenment. To find the right guru is a very delicate matter. Because, if you follow someone who seeks power, you lose power, your primary power which is in you from your birth and even before. And, what is even worse, you may equally try to seek power over others, and so the vicious circle continues. You can leave this vicious circle by simply recognizing the power in you, the life force in you and actively deny any organization, be it political, religious or other, to determine your life—which means that you take your life in your own hands!

All depends on your own work and your own determination. The results depend on on your persistence. It is notably not the technique itself that brings the result since every technique can only be a catalyzing agent. Or do you think that everyone who exercises piano by means of Czerny etudes or other piano exercises becomes a wonderful pianist? You may answer ‘No, there is something fundamental which must be in place already, because it is not the exercise but the one who uses it which will make the difference!’

Success therefore depends not so much on these exercises and tools I lay into your hands, but how consequently and consistently you apply them. It is said that good tools do not make a good master, but it is certainly true that a good master will excel also with bad tools.

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