Mindmap Creativity


The Mindmap Creativity shows us visually that creativity is really a continuum. Because it impacts on the whole of our life. There is nothing that will not be touched by it.

Often we talk about productivity or well-being or learning speed without thinking that these qualities are the result of creativity and not something to be cultivated by itself. You cannot really cultivate productivity and if you train learning capacity without enhancing creativity, what you will get is discipline and, in the long run, boredom. It’s similar with personal growth. We can’t grow without first growing in creativity. Being more creative means to grow.

But even general values such as happiness or well-being are results of creativity and not, vice versa, creativity a result of well-being or happiness. In the lives of many artists we can observe that creativity is rather the result of inner tension, and often of depression and even temporary psychosis. Creativity then catalyzes happiness, by leading us through our deepest abyss.

Creativity can be said to be the motor of all good and there is nothing that will not be positively influenced by it. Wherever the impetus for creativity comes from, be it from a negative or positive state of mind, is not important. The main thing is that we get to be creative! To be creative means to be, to truly live, to exist. And to exist in one’s own continuum, to repeat it, and not to exist in a shell made up from outside influences, societal, family or others.

To exist without such a protecting shell may hurt at first. However, all those shells keep us from being creative. They provide false securities. False because the only true security is to exist within one’s own creative shell which is not a shell, in fact, but an open attitude. To be creative means to expose yourself to the world, to others, to be open to hurt, too.

The mindmap shows that creativity is the center and that the qualities at the periphery are but an irradiation of it. You may ask, either from a psychological or a spiritual point of view, where now, in this scheme, the personal ego is to be found?

Yes, the interesting thing is that there is no ego. How can? Well, this is the mystery. It’s not that you put your ego away or that you, as in some strange spiritual opinions, you have to make it down as the worse part of you. In the contrary, the secret is that being creative you pass through your ego. In creating, your ego is involved, too, but during the very act of creating, the ego suddenly disappears. In the center of creation, there is no ego any more. In other words, when there is full creation, there is no more creator. The creator is being dissolved in the very act of creation!

To be creative means to fully exist, to live without walls around us. And where are no walls, there is no ego, but pure openness and communication, and pure joy!

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