Getting Started

Unit One: Get Power

—Part One: Positive Self-Empowerment (PSE)


—Step One: Recognize your need for power

—Step Two: Empower yourself

—Step Three: Make the new script work

—Part Two: Positive Self-Talk (PST)

—Step One: Learn to listen to yourself

—Step Two: Get motivated to modify your inner script

—Step Three: Implement new positive self-talk

 Unit Two: Give Power

Step One: Develop Interdependence

Step Two: Build Personal Vision

Your Favorite Values

Your Favorite Roles

Your Positive Characteristics

Your Weaknesses

Your Personal Vision Statement (PVS)

Step Three: Build Win-Win

Step Four: Build Empathy and Commitment

Unit Three: Communicate Powerfully

Step One: Why Training Relationship

Step Two: Inner and Outer Communication

Step Three: The RICCA Principle

Unit Four: Build Powerful Teams

Step One: One Plus One Equals One Million

Step Twp: Become a Team Interactor

Step Three: Become a Team Director

Unit Five: RoGoTaSc Self-Management

Step One: RoGoTaSc : Your Roles and Goals

Step Two: RoGoTaSc : Your Weekly Schedule

Step Three: RoGoTaSc : Solution of Sample Task

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