Your Ultimate Decision and Contract

complete_itYour Ultimate Decision

Our life is directed by our decisions, if we want it or not. In the latter case others take the decisions for us and we are not really in control of our destiny.

Therefore, if you want to seriously subscribe to and engage in a process of self-empowerment, of asserting yourself within your life, if you want to take the key to open the locker of your highest potential, you have to make decisions. After all, you have to take only one decision, your ultimate decision. This decision is simply a choice, the choice to realize yourself exclusively on your highest possible level of achievement. It is your decision for excellence.

This empowerment software is an effectiveness program based upon your readiness and willingness to take your ultimate decision as the first step in a process of new learning. This is the beginning. And as you know, the quality of the beginning is more often than not the quality of the end result. Therefore, because I want you to really succeed with our training, you must take your ultimate decision first. And more than that. I require you to make a contract. Yes, a contract with yourself and with me. This contract stipulates in exact terms what you require from yourself, what you require from me and what I require from you.

contractYour Ultimate Contract

Why begin with a contract?

The fact is that if you take a decision for change lightheartedly, there is not much chance that you sustain your efforts beyond your first phase of enthusiasm and overcome the inevitable drawbacks that are part of the way to success.

This contract is your Ultimate Decision Contract.

What does this mean? Well, we take many decisions throughout our life, important and far-reaching ones and others that are of lesser importance yet may mean much to us in the present moment. For example, an important, far-reaching decision for you would be to stop a bad habit, such as smoking or overeating, or alcohol abuse.

If you are afraid of decisions, life takes them for you! No decision is also a decision. In one word: you can’t avoid to make decisions, and it’s only the question if or not you begin to make them consciously and intently. Thus, if you want to enter this new path of consciousness, you may want to profit from the techniques of empowering your mind so that you imprint upon your conscious mind what exactly you want.

In this contract which is like a vow taken for your life, you assert for yourself your devotion to the path of change and achievement you want to take. You affirm your absolute intention and will to get rid of your problem forever and to make the change which will bring about all that you desire for improving your life.

This contract is for yourself your substantial investment of will and energy which serves as a motor for your change. Your ultimate decision is a unique command that you imprint upon your subconscious mind. It is a signal to your mind which automatically triggers the change mechanisms in it.

I, undersigned, hereby conclude a contract with myself which follows the Ultimate Decision that I have taken. This contract is binding for myself.

[Sign in writing your full name under this contract as a Comment to this post.]


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5 thoughts on “Your Ultimate Decision and Contract

  1. manpreetkaur26 May 16, 2018 — 8:37 am

    I sign the above contract, Manpreet Kaur


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