Your Needs

pencilIs it important to know about our Needs? What is your opinion? Do you think that it is important to know about our needs and, if yes, why?

I personally believe that without knowing our needs we are not well shaped to actually meet them. Many of us have been educated to be ‘altruistic’ to a point to be self-forgetful, or we were told to be ‘selfish.’

This is a big mistake. Let me put it this way: If you have never learnt to be selfish you cannot become unselfish. Yourself must always be first priority in your life, or you miss your life entirely. I know that will immediately be countered with the argument I was teaching ‘egoism’ but it is not true: I am teaching to develop the Self, your True Nature, which is not linked to the Ego. It is linked to your Heart.

If you neglect your Needs, you will always run around as a brain-cut individual, not sure of yourself, not sure what you need and want in life, a bother to yourself and the world.

So be self-affirmative and affirm your Needs. They must be met. You have physical, sentimental, psychological, intellectual and spiritual needs, and you should start right here and now to become aware of them.

Use the comments box below to post your Needs Statement. Do not think long, do not intellectualize the matter, write quickly, from your heart what you feel that your Needs are.

Jot down your thoughts in a few seconds…

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1 thought on “Your Needs

  1. manpreetkaur26 May 16, 2018 — 7:38 am

    1. To discover my passion, soul’s purpose, and live life everyday expressing myself at the highest level possible.
    2. To live a happy, joyful, content, and harmonious life.
    3. A nice and spacious home in a quiet and safe area that is close to nature where I get to live with my husband whom I love so much.
    4. A nice car to get to places and more than enough money to travel the world and discover life.


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