Your Expectations

Is it important to know about our expectations?

Expectations are very important in that they mysteriously program the outcome of our experiences. Generally in life we get what we expect. If I expect not much, being just satisfied with the bottom line, I am not likely to attain the highest possible result. Therefore it makes sense to check out my expectations before I engage in something new.

Please enter answers—you can give multiple answers—as a comment to this post.

—I expect to be entertained

—I expect to learn

—I expect to develop myself

—I expect to have a good time

—I expect to increase my knowledge

—I expect to know where my basic problem is

—I expect to become more successful

—I expect to acquire new skills

—I expect to acquire a new quality

—I expect to know myself better

—I expect to get along better with other people

—I expect to find a guru who teaches me the sense of life

—I expect to have a quiet time for relaxing and sleeping

—I expect nothing at all

—I expect to learn about job requirements

—I expect a boring time

—I expect an exciting moment to pass

—I expect to get to know something extraordinary

—I expect a miracle to happen

—I have given up on expecting anything in life

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5 thoughts on “Your Expectations

  1. manpreetkaur26 May 16, 2018 — 7:42 am

    I expect to live life and enjoy life everyday. I expect to have good and bad days but I expect to make the best of all of them. I expect to find the right opportunities that will help me fulfill my purpose and passion in life. I expect to meet kind and friendly and trustworthy people along the way who will help me reach where I want to reach. I expect to love, learn, and grow and I always expect to fail and get hurt. I expect to become independent and I expect to live a life or boredom. I expect to always save time to sleep and relax. I expect to live life that will be make me happy and jolly in life.


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